Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Stars In The Night

"No matter where you lead
We wanna follow you
The trouble is we forget who we belong to
We chase the wind and tides
We chase the reasons why

We fix our eyes on what we know is true
Even in our share grace makes a way through"

These are the Lyrics to Tenth Avenue North's song Stars In The Sky. I fell in love with the lyrics and the song! We constantly look and try to find God yet the whole time even through our own shame of life events His grace shines through!

Have you ever gotten the feeling that you are explaining faith to yourself? I will be honest I have felt that way lately. I think because I have been so busy with other things that I have not given God the time I need with and for Him. My faith and my spirituality is right there in my faith for Him. I have become a very outspoken Christian, but not a pushy one by any means. I guess more proud of who I am and what people see in me as a Christian! Anyway this Song got me thinking about the lost out there and what will happen to them. I know it is our JOB to at the very least tell them about God and introduce them to Jesus, I just worry for their souls!

I wonder what life would be like without Him in my life. WOW it felt cold just thinking about it! We live in a very dark world and the stars in the night make me think about who we are supposed to be and follow God NO MATTER WHAT!


God Bless

~Victoria Clouse

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