Monday, April 29, 2013

Music Inspiration

 These songs have spoken to me in the pass couple days and I just NEEDED to share them with all of you!!!! 

First take a moment to listen to this song titled Don't try So Hard By Amy Grant and James Taylor!!!! I heard this song on klove the other day and almost had to pull over because I had such crazy tears in my eyes. Then, I started to cry when I heard the verse 'He gave you His love and He's not leaving; He gave His Son so you'd believe it'.

I thought to myself at that moment he does love me for who I am and I plan to open my heart up to Him and love Him for who I am! He has already accepted me, why not let him love me! I think sometimes you have to stop trying to hard and just let God take over. I have learned that very quickly and what comes with that is even more of a reward then I ever expected. 

Then literally the next day I hear this song. It just reminded me SO SO SO much of our society and what they think about marriage or relationships overall. I said a silent pray to God to guide them through their marriage/relationship. I know some of you can relate to this weather in a relationship, a past one or maybe someday even through the struggles you can relate and I prayed that for the past, present and future of all relationships good, bad and indifferent that you can find God and accept jesus into your life and know that without those two things in your life you cannot go on. God knows how to Restore better then anything in this life.

I am going to end on this video..... It speaks for itself!!!

Happy listening!

God Bless,

~Victoria Clouse


  1. I love the song Restore. I heard it the other day on my way home and it is amazing. It is so sad to me to see people walking away from marriages for whatever reason. I realize that there are things that make it seem impossible to stay but that is what God has called of you. The bible only gives one reason for divorce and that is infidelity beyond that the bible says not to divorce, but if you do to remain single. Most people do not want to hear that. Now, I am not advocating you leave someone if you are remarried, but that when it gets tough and it will that you have to turn to God and trust that he will help you through it. You also need to take a look at yourself and try to fix what is broken either in you or your relationship, you can't just sit and do nothing and expect God to do everything. God wants you to be an active participant.

  2. Amanda,

    I could not have agreed with you more if I tried. I have been married before and I divorced because I was cheated on. However, I did not know at the time that this is what God says is ok for us to divorce. Actually Will (my husband) is the one who told me this (he was also cheated on) after he went through a tough relationship that he was not ready to give up because he was trusting God. God had another plan that included ME! I think in our day and age people give up so quickly on things that are supposed to be sacred. The other day we were eating dinner and we have been trying to have Sophia (out 14 month old) use utensils a lot more. Well she was stabbing at some oranges and kept getting frustrated when she couldn't get it. She would just pick them up. We worked with her over and over again. Then i noticed how hard she tried and tried without getting frustrated, I would have to say she tried about 10 times before she got it and I just sat and watched her. I clapped and yelled in excitement and so did she!!! I picture that with more important things in our lives, like marriage, and how easy it would be for someone to just give up on it and use their fingers instead of using a fork. It takes more then just hoping God is there to fix it; thats why He gave us the will of making decisions for ourselves.


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