Monday, May 6, 2013

Favorite Sites

I just wanted to explain some things on the blog. So to the right are things called widgets these are things that can translate the content of the blog into a different language. This Blog has been viewed by 3 different countries as of today. Your replies and comment are what brings people back to view more information and also share their own thoughts and beliefs. I encourage all of you to comment to the different posts. To comment you can go to the bottom of the post and hit either the "# comment' or 'no comment'. You will have to sign into your account that they offer. I have gmail so it was was for me to comment, but if you have something different I am not 100% sure what all the other accounts are that they offer for you to comment. You can also comment anonymous if you do please put your name at the end so we can reply to your post and refer to you by name. If you are having any issues email me at and I will share your comment.

Other widgets include people who are following the blog. This means you can follow from your google account (other accounts allow you to be a follower too) as well as receive emails when there are posts to the blog. There is a video widget that will allow you to view videos from different youtube pages that I have either used or found to be good video per the Blog content. There is also a favorite sites, which is the reason I am posting tonight. These are different web sites of authors that have been an inspiration to me or of our current read (books we are referencing), there are youtube pages on there as well as other encouraging web sites that I have come across or others have shared with me. If you have any that you would like to share I can post it to the page as well, just comment on this post. My latest web site that I recently found is God Bless You. It has lots of information, stories, videos, music and lots more on it and the first thing I noticed was a video by Francis Chan the author of Crazy Love. If you have not read this book there is a website that you can look at here Crazylovebook. What an excellent book!

Anyway... off subject a little, my point is that there are quit a bit of things to explore on this blog. I want to share specifically the different websites to use for your questions that you may have if you do not feel comfortable asking on here. But I assure you others with the same experience or same questions as you, but maybe scared to ask can help you rather then some websites.

I end of this note (back to Francis Chan hahaha). The video on this site Lukewarm and Loving It  is what I have been feeling about a lot of Gods followers lately. You cannot be lukewarm and think it is ok to live that way as a follower.

What do you know about follower-ship? Can you share your experience of this in Christ? How can you not be lukewarm?

God Bless,

~Victoria Clouse


  1. I struggle with being lukewarm sometimes, well maybe most times. I think it is easy to get wrapped up in what we are doing, good or bad that we neglect our time with God. This is something that is really on my heart lately and something that I need to be better at. I know if i start my day the right way the things that would cause me to struggle or stumble don't have the same power over me.


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