Sunday, May 19, 2013

Does God Complain?

This question came to me while listening to klove during a 30 day challenge. Funny enough I didn't stop at 30 days and I typically only change the station to play one of Sophia's kids music CDs. Anyhow a lady wrote into klove and said that she felt that she always had something going on in her household such as laundry to be done, dishes in the sink, toys on the floor, and as soon as she picks all of it up or takes care of it she turns around and repeat it all over again within a couple hours if not minutes!!! We can all relate to this in some form or fashion, RIGHT???

But have you ever thought.... maybe thats how God feels? Ok maybe not FEEL, but you know what i mean!!! I think of it as a person in charge like a commander or even the president (good, bad or indifferent). I would not want to be one of them, that is a lot of responsibility that is bestowed upon a person and that would be overwhleming. Do you think he thinks like as soon as he takes care of one thing there is something else he has to take care of?!?! He must be exhausted because I know I am at the end of the evening. He is an all powerful God and for that he would never be to tired for us! But, at times it seems like it would be easy for him too.

Thank you so much lord for being here for me through all the good and bad times of my life. You are always a powerful God and I pray that you give me the wisdom to know when I need you and when I can call on you. I thank you for all that you have given me to and the happiness for my children and family and even for the busy life and mess house!

God Bless,

~Victoria Clouse

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  1. I have two rose bushes in my yard, in the Spring and Summer they continually need pruning. As I head outside and start pruning my rosé bush, the whole picture is crystal clear to me! Why do I cut the dead pieces off? Because if I don't the bush will not produce any more beautiful flowers! Thank you God for continually cutting my bad stuff off, so I can be the person you created me to be, and plz help me to stop getting in the way of You!


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