Friday, March 13, 2015

Prayer Requests

Has anyone every had issues praying?

I feel like I have always been a huge spiritual person, even from an early age. But for as long as I can remember when someone would ask me to pray for this person or pray for that I would get so excited being able to put my prayers to better use then my generic tunes (thats what I would call them). Just in the last week I have been asked to pray and offered my prayers to 3 separate people. I reached out to another person on a separate occasion for prayers and it feels amazing! I am one of those people that when I pray I never ask God for "things". I find that to materialistic and feel that to be very unpersonal. I like the REAL stuff. The stuff that helps others or even the ones that help me to help others. Like with school and with my family in deciding where God wants us to best fit into His plan for us in being better shepherds! Reaching out to others has been a real challenge for me in the past, but sharing things with people about my faith has made me feel closer to the Lord.

So with this short post I am taking prayer requests for anything that I can pray for you or someone you know!!!

God Bless,

Victoria Clouse

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