Monday, September 28, 2015

Again it has been awhile

Sorry I know that it has been awhile seen I have been on here. However, i have good news…. we had our little boy a month ago on August 26th 2015. His name is Ezekiel Codey Clouse was 9lbs 6oz 20in long and just beautiful!!! It has been quite and adjustment with a newborn, but we are getting the hang of things I think.

I read an article today from a lady talking about being a good parent. How I feel that is such a hard thing these days. Maybe it has always been a hard thing, but it feels like now I guess because I am a parent. I feel this way also because of how rough society and social media and well the media in general are on people. If you are not nice and someone friend then it seems you are wrong. It is all about being politically correct even in parenting.

So my take away from that article is that you will cry, you will get mad, you will wonder if you are doing the right thing, and your kids will probably not like you. But God will prevail through it all if you keep Him at the forefront of your family and you also lead by example for your children.

I pray that each and everyone of you are good parents or are at least trying to be. Give God all the glory!

God Bless!


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